Graduation Projects 2016

Students attending the second year of their MFA in Transportation Design at Umeå Institute of Design (Sweden) are currently on the final stretch of the graduation projects. We thought it would be interesting to share the diversity and talent represented in the work this year. The class has been tutored by Miika Heikkinen, founding partner at Northern Works in Finland. With only a couple of weeks left to the final presentation, we are looking forward to seeing these design concepts taking shape! Here’s a first look at the themes and design directions being explored by the class.


Dominique Quinger (26) has embarked in a fabulous journey to explore how music can inspire vehicle design. Dominique comes from Germany and is a trained classical musician. His focus has been in the creative process, experimenting a lot around how to merge music, art, design and the Mercedes Benz brand. Below you can check some of his visual experiments done during the process.

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Irfendy Mohamad (29) is proposing a vehicle adapted to the ambitions and needs from his region. Irfendy is from Malaysia and his design concept is considering the best use of resources and the special climate common to the countries that are part of the ASEAN region.

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Kefeng Liu (25) is truly passionate about off-road vehicles and is working on his dream project: creating a sustainable off-roader for the Jeep brand. The ambition for the concept is quite bold. A vehicle that could leave no trace during expeditions to the fragile Tibet!

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Siyuan Fang (24) is collaborating with Volvo Cars to propose a multi-sensorial user experience for the future autonomous commuter. His focus has been on interior and interaction design aspects of the vehicle.

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Michael Bedell (30) is investigatingthe future of long-haul trucking and logistics. In a collaboration with Scania, his focus is to push the architecture of the truck in order to boost transport efficiency in line with future technological possibilities and sustainability requirements.

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Sebastian Goraczkowski (26) is using virtual prototyping with the support from Technicon Design in Germany. At their offices he has been able to experiement a lot with a set of VR glasses and a seating buck. Sebastian is investigating how an adaptable mobility service should be designed to suite a generation of movers in the year 2025.

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Arash Karimi (30) is determined to make trucking a more exciting career in the future! He partnered with Scania to develop a truck interior based on very distinct driving modes, going from active driving and managing logistics to complete relaxation and trust in the autonomous system.

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Gaurang Nagre (26) is speculating around the potential of additive manufacturing in automotive design. He is working together with Audi Concept Design Studio in Munich to explore what are the limits of reduction and combined functionality when rethinking the future of the car.

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For more information about the students and their graduation event, please visit the UID16 website.


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