Husqvarna 22H by Adél Szittár

Course: Strategic Design,  in collaboration with Kiska


Heroes 2022.
At the first stage of the project we created a persona who is a visionary customer of Husqvarna in 2022. The persona is a tech-oriented creative smart-ass, who likes to express his opinion through his lifestyle and personal items. He’s a hard-working guy who uses the motorbike for urban commuting and short freetime activities in order to keep himself energized and clear-headed.

High-tech Minimalism
A style which focuses on highlighting the technological content of a product while reducing the rest of the elements to the essentials.


“Screw traditions!”
My personal goal with the 22H concept was to push the boundaries towards the future production methods and possibilities.


What’s next?
Technological development is the lifeblood of the industry. My concept proposes that mass-production methods will change in the future. Today’s production technologies are not efficient because they’re slow, energy consuming and produce significant amounts of waste.
During my work I was looking for the possibilities and benefits of 3D printing technologies that could be used in motorcycle production in the future. 3D printing is a constantly developing production method which has a great potential to be even more efficient in the coming years. With 3D printing it’s possible to print a seamless one-piece product comprised of an optimal mixture of materials and/or produce structures with better weight-to-strength ratios. Combining these characteristics enables us to merge functions into one single element. These are the benefits of 3D printing which I used in my concept.


The 22H concept was designed in favor of saving weight, and simplifying construction to get an agile, playful, intuitive motorcycle. Furthermore the bike is fully customizable for the riders taste and body dimensions. The bike has a lightweight one-piece uni-body with integrated shock-absorbing suspension. This type of suspension replaces the traditional linear shock in order to simplify the bike. Therefore decreasing the number of mechanical problems during the motorcycle’s lifetime.

This video is the result of the “Storytelling in Design” course.

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