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Archive for October, 2011

This is the result of short sketching workshop tutored by Christof Taübl from KISKA. The task was to designing a lightweight and attractive soapbox from the inside out.

Concept above by: Ignacio Fernandez

Concept above by: Erik Melldahl

Concept above by: Matt Hunt

Concept above by: Kallol Mohanty

Concept above by: Sebastian Dragu

Concept above by: Armand Bentzen

Concept above by: Mitsuyoshi  Shinomiya



Current and former TD students met this year at the Frankfurt Motorshow. From left to right: Alexandra Ciobanu (intern at MIA Electric), Luis Camino (designer at SKODA, Czech Republic), Demian Horst (TD programme director at UID), Jason Battersby (designer at Esiste Srl., Italy), Taras Czornyj (chief designer at Bajaj, India), Chris Duff (designer at Rolls Royce, UK), Vipul Patole (designer at Bajaj, India), Filip Svitek (Freelance designer in Germany) and Hirash Razaghi (designer at Hyundai).





Who wants to think about trains running on this, or cars, or whatever…

möbius maglev

Via: Core77